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Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace offers a range of applications to meet your business needs, including email hosting, document management, and real-time communication tools. Designed for businesses of all sizes, Zoho Workplace ensures that your team stays connected, organized, and productive.

[ Transform Your Business Communication ]

Unified For Seamless Collaborations

Zoho Workplace is a comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration tools designed to streamline your business communication. With an array of applications integrated into one cohesive platform, Zoho Workplace enhances your team's efficiency and fosters seamless collaboration. Whether you need robust email hosting, document management, or real-time messaging, Zoho Workplace has everything you need to keep your team connected and productive.

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Central collaboration Dashboard

…ask zia…


Smart assistant at your disposal

Zia Search is your trusted ally: This AI-powered search assistant in Workplace aggregates search results from all Workplace apps, ensuring you can quickly locate the information you need to stay productive and efficient.

Check all your apps in one place

Find the list of apps and their respective links in the Workplace web UI.

Quick Access and Search Across

Type your desired action and look up anything across with universal search.

Access from anywhere

Work on your files anytime you want, from any location and any device.

Connect the apps you love

Seamless Integrations

Workplace apps are seamlessly integrated saving time juggling between apps.

[ Business Productivity Tools ]

Zoho Workplace Business Version Apps

Get even more from the apps you know and love


Work Drive







[ Empowering Your Team ]

Essential Zoho Workplace Tools For Your Business

These tools are designed to boost productivity, improve collaboration, and streamline operations.


Elevate your business emails hosted on a secure & privacy-assured ad-free email platform, enhancing the professionalism of every email sent.


A secure online file storage and collaboration platform designed for modern teams providing a centralized repository for all team files


Zoho Cliq's secure chat platform connects teams and stakeholders with hybrid work features like video conferencing & messaging, collaborate from anywhere.


With an automated data processor, AI-powered data analysis capabilities, and over 1,000 integration options, Zoho Sheet streamlines data management.


A powerful, free online word processor that allows you to write and collaborate on documents across devices supports Microsoft Word documents


Design professional slides, collaborate with your team, and deliver visually engaging presentations for free anytime, anywhere on any device.


A team collaboration software that brings people, information, and tools together in a single platform, helping teams break down barriers and work effectively.


Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting platform and webinar solution that helps you connect, collaborate, and work remotely with efficacy

[ Empowering Your Team ]

Work Remotely With Zoho Workplace

Enjoy seamless communication and collaboration with Meeting, Cliq, Mail, and more, ensuring you stay productive and efficient from anywhere."

Host online meetings

Zoho Meeting delivers the best virtual meeting experience for your online work discussions and decision-making.

Instantly communicate with chat

While Zoho Cliq is the go-to tool to chat with your colleagues, it offers much more to connect your team than instant messaging.

Build a collaborative workspace

Workplace bridges the remote work gap by providing the best real time connection with your team.

Manage files in one place

WorkDrive is a unified platform making it easy to store, access, and share all your files from a single place.

Zoho Workplace Plans

Find the right fit for your collaboration team.

Check Plan Comparison

  • Workplace Standard

US$3 /User /Month

Billed Annually

  • Workplace Professional

US$6 /User /Month

Billed Annually

[ Secure and Professional Business Email ]

Zoho Mail Secure and Professional Business Email

Extensive Control Panel

From here, you can effortlessly manage settings, configure features, and customize the platform to suit your business needs. Key tasks include adding users, managing group aliases, setting up content moderation policies, and more.

Stay professional with

Establish a professional presence for your business by creating a custom domain and setting up unique email addresses for your users. This will not only enhance your company's visibility but also convey a sense of authenticity and credibility.

Zoho Mail Tools to maximize your productivity






Unique features you'd love to use

2FA Authentication

OTP, combined with your password, ensures your accounts are protected.

Domain details

Monitor email hosting status, add domain aliases, and manage all your domains.


Replace unending email threads with comments, tags,  share files, manage tasks etc.


Switch to Zoho Mail using our migration tools and POP/IMAP migration from other providers

[ Forever Free Plan Up to five users, 5GB/User, 25MB attachment limit. ]

Zoho Mail Plans

User-based pricing plans for all business needs.

  • Flexible pricing

Mix different plans for different users

  • Customizable

Rules  & policies for inbox management.

$1per user per month billed annually
  • Email hosting
  • File size upto 250 MB
  • Mobile apps
  • Calendar

5 GB per user for $1

10 GB per user for $1.25

$4per user per month billed annually
  • Email digital signatures
  • File size upto 1 GB
  • Email backup
  • FREE Support

50 GB Mail storage + 50 GB Archival storage per user

  • FREE Plan

 Free plan supports up to 5 users

  • Secure

Enterprise grade security enhanced.

Check Plan Comparison

Our premium plan comes with enterprise features.

15-day free trial for Mail Premium plan

[ Use Cases ]

Start & Scale Customer Relationships


Business Communication

Allowing businesses to manage emails, collaborate on documents, and schedule meetings all in one place.


Remote Workforce

Employees can access their emails, work on documents, and participate in meetings without being tied to a physical office.


Project Management

Teams can share and collaborate on documents in real-time, track project progress, and communicate seamlessly.

[ Get Informed ]

Zoho Workplace FAQs

Zoho Workplace consists of three suites: Office Suite (Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show), Collaboration Suite (Zoho WorkDrive and Meeting), and Mail Suite (Zoho Mail, Cliq, and Connect)

Your Zoho Mail user list serves as the master list across the Workplace applications. Zoho is working on providing administrator control for defining different sets of users across applications

The storage size is based on the chosen plan and includes both Mail and WorkDrive storage. In the Workplace Standard plan, each user gets 30 GB of email storage and 10 GB shared WorkDrive storage. In the Workplace Professional plan, each user gets 100 GB of email storage and 100 GB shared WorkDrive storage

Yes, you can mix and match Zoho Mail and Zoho Workplace plans based on the size of your organization. This option is exclusively available on the yearly subscriptions of paid plans

Zoho prioritizes data security with stringent 24/7 physical security, encryption, intrusion detection, and prevention technologies at their facilities

Zoho Workplace is a pay-as-you-go service with no long-term contracts. Users can choose to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their account at any time

If users are unsatisfied with Zoho’s products or services, they can cancel their subscription at any time and receive a full refund of their purchase amount

Zoho offers a 20% discount for annual billing. Non-profit and charitable organizations also have special pricing available

 In the Workplace suite, Zoho Mail and Zoho WorkDrive comply with HIPAA. Zoho is working towards making their other apps compliant as well

Are ou currently using another mail service provideer? Well, its time to migrate without loosing your data or still with a valid domain, we can get you started or purchase a domain from us and we shall set you up in minutes.

[ positive impact ]

Happy Zoho Workplace Customers

See impact of our solutions to clients.

ABC Techniquez

Streamlined their communication and collaboration, leading to a 30% increase in productivity.

Greenif Marketing

Saw a significant improvement in project management and team coordination using Zoho Workplace

Lowtown Design

Enhanced its internal communication and client interactions with Zoho Mail’s encrypted and secure email.

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