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Unlock the power of personalized caller tunes with Skiza, a vibrant platform designed to bring your favorite music and messages to every incoming call. At Infopromo Communication, we're excited to introduce you to the world of Skiza Tunes and revolutionize your caller experience.

Let the callers be entertained and informed!

Skiza Tunes are personalized caller tunes that replace the standard ringing tone when someone calls you. It allows you to entertain, inform, or express yourself uniquely before you even pick up the phone. With Skiza, you can set your favorite songs, inspirational messages, or promotional content to greet your callers, setting the tone for every conversation

Our Offering

Custom Business Skiza

Elevate your brand’s presence and engage your audience like never before with Skiza Tunes from Infopromo Communication. Transform every call into an opportunity to promote your products, services, or special offers.

Artist Skiza

Are you an artist looking to reach a wider audience and make every call your stage? Look no further than Skiza Tunes by Infopromo Communication! Elevate your caller experience and captivate your fans with your music.

Ready General Skiza

We provide a diverse library of pre-set Skiza Tunes for individuals and businesses. It’s a hassle-free way to instantly personalize your caller experience by playing various tunes to inform, educate and entertain your callers.

Skiza Tune FAQs

Skiza Tunes are personalized caller tunes that replace the standard ringing tone for incoming calls. They allow users to set customized music, messages, or promotional content to entertain, inform, or represent themselves or their businesses to callers.

Getting Skiza Tunes is simple!

  1. Choose your preferred tune from our library, pay up for it and we shall provide you with a specific code for its subscription.
  2.  If you are an artist, submit your 30 sec music audio, then we shall provide a specific code for subscription.
  3. For business skiza, we generate a script based on your services or what you intend to communicate then set it up for a normal ringtone (by providing a specific code to dial) or set it up for IVR and PABX.

Yes, our library includes a diverse range of tunes across various genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone. From music tracks to motivational messages, there’s a wide selection to suit different preferences and needs.

Yes, you can create personalized Skiza Tunes! Upload your original music or message to represent yourself or your brand uniquely.

You can change your Skiza Tune as often as you like, giving you the flexibility to update your caller experience based on your mood, promotions, or seasonal changes.

Skiza service attracts a standard rate for daily subscription as it exists in your phone. We also have a subsidized rate for creating a custom business skiza

Yes, you can deactivate or remove your Skiza Tune at any time as we provided instructions on how to do it, for instance, to stop a particular subscription, you may be required to send the word delete followed by *skiza code* to 811

Skiza Tunes are often available through specific mobile network operators. For instance, a specific skiza code for a particular tune may only work when subscribed on a number belonging to a particular telco. The same skiza tune or code may be applied differently with a different telco.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding Skiza Tunes, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team via phone, email, or live chat available on our website.

Infopromo Communication's Skiza Tunes service has been a game-changer for my business. Setting up our branded caller tunes was easy, and the impact has been phenomenal. Our custom message perfectly represents our brand, impressing callers and increasing our visibility. The team was professional and supportive throughout. Skiza Tunes is an innovative way to engage and leave a lasting mark on every call
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Ideal for:

  • IVR Setup
  • Custom Ringtone
  • PABX setup
  • Custom recording

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Service Overview

Benefits for Artists

  • Promote Your Music: Showcase your latest tracks or popular hits as caller tunes, allowing fans to listen to your music before connecting with you.
  • Connect with Your Audience: Engage your fans in a unique way, turning every incoming call into an opportunity to share your music and strengthen your connection.
  • Increase Visibility: Reach a broader audience as your tunes play on the phones of everyone who calls your fans or collaborators and GET PAID for every subscription.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Brand Promotion: Set catchy tunes or informative messages to promote your brand, services, or products effectively.
  • Connect with Customers: Engage and captivate your callers, leaving a lasting impression that reinforces your brand identity.
  • Advertisement on Every Call: Utilize every incoming call as an advertising opportunity, reaching potential customers effortlessly.


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