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Unlock the power of personalized caller tunes with Skiza, a vibrant platform designed to bring your favorite music and messages to every incoming call. At Infopromo Communication, we're excited to introduce you to the world of Skiza Tunes and revolutionize your caller experience.

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Let Ring Back Tunes Entertain, Inform & Educate

Skiza Tunes are personalized caller tunes that replace the standard ringing tone when someone calls you. It allows you to entertain, inform, or express yourself uniquely before you even pick up the phone. With Skiza, you can set your favorite songs, inspirational messages, or promotional content to greet your callers, setting the tone for every conversation

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Our Ring Back Tune Offer

Custom Business Skiza

Elevate your brand’s presence and engage your audience like never before with Skiza Tunes from Infopromo Communication. Transform every call into an opportunity to promote your products, services, or special offers.

Artist Skiza

Are you an artist looking to reach a wider audience and make every call your stage? Look no further than Skiza Tunes by Infopromo Communication! Elevate your caller experience and captivate your fans with your music.

Ready General Skiza

We provide a diverse library of pre-set Skiza Tunes for individuals and businesses. It’s a hassle-free way to instantly personalize your caller experience by playing various tunes to inform, educate and entertain your callers.

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Skiza Tune Service Features

Customized caller tunes

We allow users to set personalized caller tunes from a wide selection of songs, music, or audio clips based on their own preferences.

Content Library

We provide a diverse content library with a vast collection of songs, voices and audio clips across various genres and languages (accents).


Simplified process of activating and deactivating caller tunes, allowing users to switch between tunes or opt-out of the service seamlessly.

Caller Tune Management

Providing artists with insights and analytics on their caller tune usage, such as the number of times a tune has been played.

[ Boost Brand Recognition with Every Call ]

Benefits For Businesses

By setting your branded caller tunes, you can reinforce brand messaging and create memorable interactions with customers every time they call.

  • Brand Promotion

Set catchy tunes or informative messages to promote your brand, services, or products effectively.

  • Connect With Customers

Engage and captivate your callers, leaving a lasting impression that reinforces your brand identity.

  • Advertise On Every Call

Utilize every incoming call as an advertising opportunity, reaching potential customers effortlessly.

[ Monetize Your Music ]

Benefits For Artists

Earn royalties every time your song is selected as a caller tune, providing a sustainable income stream for your artistic endeavors.

  • Promote Your Music

Showcase your latest tracks or popular hits as caller tunes, allowing fans to listen to your music before connecting with you.

  • Connect With Your Fans

Engage your fans in a unique way, turning every incoming call into an opportunity to share your music and strengthen your connection.

  • Increase Your Brand Visibility

Reach a broader audience as your tunes play on the phones of everyone who calls your fans or collaborators and GET PAID for every subscription.

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Why Choose Our Skiza Tunes Service

  • Variety of voice over artists to curate your brand messaging
  • Caller tunes in various global dialects, languages & accents
  • Quick turn-around processing times
  • Receive easily accessible support to address your queries
  • FREE script that aligns well with your business
  • FREE digital content to promote your artist skiza tune codes
  • FREE signups for artists skiza tunes
  • NO renewal contractual fees after initial signup
  • Get periodic reports to analyse your artist skiza perfomance
[ Use Cases ]

Start & Scale Customer Relationships


Monetizing Music

Artists can use Skiza Tunes to monetize their music by allowing users to set their songs as caller tunes providing revenue stream for artists, as they earn royalties on each subscription.


Enhancing Brand Visibility

Skiza Tunes boosts brand recognition by allowing users to set personalized caller tunes featuring branded messages or songs, ensuring a lasting impression on callers and increased awareness.


Analyzing Engagement

Enables brands to analyze caller behavior and preferences therefore gain valuable insights into audience behavior and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.

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Skiza Tunes FAQs

Skiza Tunes are personalized caller tunes that replace the standard ringing tone for incoming calls. They allow users to set customized music, messages, or promotional content to entertain, inform, or represent themselves or their businesses to callers.

Yes, you can create personalized Skiza tunes or message to represent yourself or your brand uniquely.

You can change your Skiza Tune as often as you like, giving you the flexibility to update your caller experience based on your mood, promotions, or seasonal changes.

Skiza service attracts a standard rate for daily subscription on the subscriber’s phone as it exists. We also have a subsidized rate for creating a custom business skiza tunes. Artist skiza tune is FREE for registration.

Yes, you can deactivate or remove your Skiza Tune at any time as we provided instructions on how to do it, for instance, to stop a particular subscription, you may be required to send the word delete followed by *skiza code* to 811 (for Safaricom Kenya subscribers)

Skiza Tunes are often available through specific mobile network operators. For instance, a specific skiza code for a particular tune may only work when subscribed on a number belonging to a particular telco. The same skiza tune or code may be applied differently with a different telco.

Ideal for use as custom ringtones, in PBX as IVR etc.

You have to sign our music distribution agreement, and provide a copy of your ID and your music in MP3 format.

Skiza only takes a maximum of 3 working days to issue skiza codes to content creators and you are provided with skiza codes or USSD codes for user subscription.

Payments depend on the sum generated from the artist’s downloads and are done via mobile or bank transfers when they accumulate to a sizeable chunk (Kshs 1000 and above)

Yes, we pride ourselves in supporting talented content creators on our various platforms; digital media, broadcasts and newsletters and additionaly create digital content ie posters, video graphics for FREE and solving day-to-day artist-related problems.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding Skiza Tunes, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team via phone, email, or live chat available on our website.

[ Client Success Stories ]

Happy Customers Speak

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences and successes with ring back tunes.

Tegius Solutions

They reinforced their professional image and provided a memorable calling experience

Eco-mony Products

Utilized our ring back tunes service to promote their eco-friendly products and run periodic promotions.

Healthyall Clinic

Improved patient experience. They reduced patient anxiety and provided valuable health information while callers waited.

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