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SMS, or Short Message Service, is a versatile and widely-used messaging platform that allows you to connect with customers, employees, and stakeholders like never before.

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At Infopromo Communications, we're passionate about effective communication. Our cutting-edge Bulk SMS service empowers businesses of all sizes to connect with customers seamlessly. Join us and experience the impact of instant, reliable, and cost-effective messaging!

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Bulk SMS Service Features

Campaign Builder

Utilize Contact Groups or upload CSV files to dispatch your SMS messages individually to each customer.

Send Schedule SMS

Using the Scheduled Message feature, you have the convenience of reaching multiple recipients at your desired time.

Custom SMS Templates

Simply generate your template, save it in the system, and then use it whenever it is required saving you time to compose new message every time.

Sender ID Management

Using a dynamic SMS sender ID enables you to showcase your company name as the sender of a text message.

Groups/Contact List

Easily store, search, edit, and delete contact information within specific groups, with no limitations on the number of groups you can create.

Well Documented

Commence your development journey  with the aid of step-by-step guides, code examples, and extensive documentation on the API.

Personalized messages

Added advantage of incorporating personalized fields in their messages, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Unlimited contacts

No restrictions and you can effortlessly upload all your contacts at once, regardless of whether you have a hundred or a million of them.

Worldwide delivery

Our assurance includes the delivery of SMS messages worldwide, encompassing a total of 150+ countries.

Real-time reports

Track SMS campaign delivery, access individual read status and response data, and monitor SMS delivery history for any number 

Flexible Pricing

Non-expiry: Unused credits or messages won’t expire. Its pay-as-you-go pricing and you also get volume based pricing.

Opt-in/opt-out choice

The contact database allows users to exercise their opt-in/opt-out choice through your provided link.

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Why Choose Our Bulk SMS Service

  • Pay as you go: No binding contracts!
  • Easy SMS contact list onboarding: With just one link click
  • Free account self-registration and free online support/setup
  • Customizable campaigns with maximum impact.
  • Non-expiry: Unused credits or messages won't expire
  • Budget-friendly & super affordable pricing
  • Send as many messages at a time with high open rates and instant deliverability
[ Use Cases ]

Start & Scale Customer Relationships



Designed to promote products, services, or events and often include marketing content



Triggered by specific actions or transactions and typically contain important information or updates.



Sent when registering for an account or performing a verification step to access certain features.


Customer care and commerce

SMS for support, reminder, alert, sales, and lead generation with the conversations API.

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Bulk SMS is a cost-effective method of sending a large number of text messages to a targeted group using specialized software or platforms. It efficiently communicates with a wide audience for marketing, information dissemination, and more. Simply upload recipient lists and message content to send the same message to all recipients simultaneously.

Bulk SMS offers numerous advantages, making it a powerful communication tool. It enables instant outreach to a large audience, with high open rates ensuring messages are noticed. Its cost-effectiveness, easy customization, and tracking capabilities make it a preferred choice for businesses. Moreover, the option to personalize messages with dynamic fields, like recipient names, boosts engagement and response rates, strengthening connections with recipients. Overall, Bulk SMS provides an efficient and effective way to communicate with a broad audience while tailoring messages for better results.

Bulk SMS platforms offer delivery reports showing message status (successful delivery, failed, or pending). To gauge campaign effectiveness, track delivery, open, click-through rates, and recipient responses.

We dont have a limit and our bulk SMS platforms employ security measures to protect user data and ensure the confidentiality of the messages sent.

Yes, if you opt for two-way messaging, recipients can reply to your Bulk SMS messages, and their responses will be directed to your account or designated phone number

SMS API stands for Short Message Service Application Programming Interface. It is a set of protocols and tools that allow developers to integrate SMS (text messaging) functionality into their applications, websites, or systems. With an SMS API, developers can programmatically send and receive SMS messages, manage contacts, and perform other related tasks.

You have the capability to do so! Just ensure that you input the appropriate country codes when uploading international numbers to ensure proper routing. Please note that message costs may vary for international sending, as they are charged based on the network and destination.

However, different locales require registration with the local telcos hence messages may appear with a default sender ID or a random number upon destination or may never appear unless registered and authorised with the specific local telcos. Consult us for more.

Regulations may include: requiring consent, proper identification, an opt-out mechanism (eg. messages sent in Kenya MUST include opt out USSD code at message end such as STOP *456*9*5#), and compliance with local laws. Illegal activity promotion is strictly prohibited and political messages must strtictly follow set guidelines. Complying with regulations and ethical standards is vital to avoid penalties and ensure responsible usage. Stay informed on specific requirements in your region for effective and lawful bulk SMS campaigns.

Just logon to our SMS portal, sms.infopromo.digital register an account, select and purchase a package and access your account, upload your contacts and start messaging. You can use our default Sender ID (INFPRM) for a limited time then purchase yours to continue messaging. Get in touch with us incase you are stuck!

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Discover the power of Bulk SMS

Explore the authentic testimonials below to learn how we've helped others achieve their goals.

Gius Tech

Able to notify customers about product updates and upcoming events, resulting in increased user retention and satisfaction.

E-eco Solutions

raised awareness about eco-friendly practices leading to a significant increase in community engagement.

Afia Al Medicare

Improved patient adherence to treatment plans and reduced missed appointments, resulting in better health outcomes.

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