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Earn profits from your content and generate revenue by delivering entertaining messages to your users, available either through on-demand access or subscription-based services.

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Unleashing Profit Potential
Of Premium SMS.

With Premium SMS, you have the chance to earn revenue from the information and entertainment you offer to your clients by applying a higher charge. This service employs a shortcode through which your clients can both send and receive messages. You can opt to bill your clients either for sending an SMS (Mobile Originating - MO tariff) or when they receive the message (Mobile Terminating - MT).

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The 2 way conversation: you can have either

On Demand

Content will be provided to users solely upon their request, and if they wish to receive it again, they will need to request it once more. This approach does not facilitate a continuous relationship with the content provider.

On Subscription

Content will be sent to users upon their request. After subscribing to the service, users will receive content periodically for the duration of their subscription.

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Premium Service Service Features

Seamless flow

Our strong gateways have the capacity to handle numerous requests simultaneously, minimizing the chances of congestion and ensuring smooth processing.

No charge for retries

In the event of a message delivery failure, we offer complimentary retries to assist you in optimizing your revenue potential

Delivery Reports

We collect and handle delivery notifications from carriers for every SMS message transmitted through our APIs, relaying them directly to your application.

Premium Rate

Each premium SMS service has a pre-set premium rate, which determines the cost incurred by the subscriber for using the service.

Billed to Mobile Phone Bill

For postpaid subscribers, the premium SMS charges will be added to their monthly mobile phone bill.

Deducted from Prepaid Balance

Prepaid subscribers will have the premium SMS charges deducted directly from their available prepaid balance.

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Why Choose Our Premium SMS Service

  • High audience engagement rate
  • Tailored content
  • Budget-friendly & super affordable pricing
  • High open rates and instant deliverability
  • Guaranteed increased revenue
  • Trusted platform
[ Use Cases ]

Start & Scale Customer Relationships


Content Delivery

Including articles, e-books, and exclusive materials, by subscribing to a content delivery service.



Access expert betting tips, live updates, and exclusive offers by joining our VIP betting club.



Participate in voting campaigns and make your voice heard on important decisions or competitions.



Get premium news alerts, breaking news, weather updates, and sports scores etc directly to your phone

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Premium SMS FAQs

Premium SMS refers to a service that allows users to send and receive text messages with additional content or services, often at a premium rate. These services may include subscribing to mobile content, participating in competitions, or receiving special alerts.

To use Premium SMS, users typically send a specific keyword or code to a designated short or long number. By doing so, they subscribe to a particular service or receive the content associated with that keyword. The cost of the service is billed to the user’s mobile phone bill or deducted from their prepaid balance.

Example: send INFPRM to 54321 to get daily business communication tips (charged at Ksh.10/SMS)

Premium SMS services offer a wide range of content, including news updates, weather forecasts, horoscopes, sports scores, ringtones, wallpapers, mobile games, voting for TV shows, charity donations, and more. The available services may vary depending on your mobile carrier and location.

The cost of Premium SMS services can vary depending on the type of service and the premium rate set by the service provider. It is essential to check the pricing information before subscribing to any Premium SMS service.

Premium SMS services are generally secure when provided by reputable and authorized service providers like Infopromo. However, users should exercise caution and only subscribe to services from known and trustworthy sources to avoid potential scams or unauthorized charges.

To unsubscribe from a Premium SMS service, you usually need to send a specific keyword, such as “STOP,” “CANCEL,” or “UNSUBSCRIBE,” to the shortcode or long number associated with the service. This action should stop any further charges or messages from the service.

Yes, Premium SMS can be utilized for business purposes, such as mobile marketing campaigns, customer feedback surveys, or voting for contests. Businesses can partner with mobile aggregators or service providers to set up and manage Premium SMS campaigns.

Premium SMS services are available in many countries, but the availability of specific services and premium rates may vary depending on local regulations and carrier support.

Yes, some Premium SMS services may have age restrictions, especially those involving adult content or gambling. Users typically need to be of legal age in their country to access such services.

If you encounter any issues with Premium SMS services, such as unauthorized charges or content problems, contact your mobile carrier’s customer support or the premium service provider to report and resolve the matter.

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Premium SMS Excellence

From seamless communication to enhanced engagement, listen to the voices of those who have found success with us.

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