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Two-way SMS facilitates interactive text messaging between businesses and customers, promoting real-time communication and feedback exchange, leading to enhanced customer experience and stronger connections.

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Two Way SMS utilizes a concise five-digit number known as a short code (eg. 54321), or a long code (a full number)  enabling users to send and receive messages through this platform. Two-way SMS, also known as interactive SMS or two-way text messaging, is a powerful communication tool that enables bi-directional exchange of text messages between businesses or organizations and their customers.

Unlike traditional one-way SMS, where information is sent from a sender to a recipient without any possibility of response, two-way SMS facilitates a dynamic conversation between both parties.

With two-way SMS, businesses can send important updates, promotions, appointment reminders, and other relevant information to their customers. Simultaneously, customers can respond to these messages, making it an interactive and engaging communication channel.

[ How It Works ]

The 2 way conversation: you can have either

Dedicated Short Code

This is solely owned by you creating a memorable brand identity


send ‘INFOPROMO‘ to 54321

Shared Short Code

It is used by multiple users and differentiated by a keyword.


send ‘2-WAY SMS‘ to 54321 (brand ‘A’)

send ‘INFOPROMO‘ to 54321 (brand ‘B’)

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Two-Way SMS Service Features


You can use keywords to run multiple campaigns especially when using shared short code.


Automatically provide responses to your customer inquiries using intelligent keyword recognition.

Opt-in/Opt-out option

Customer opt-in and opt-out for your messages with ease with keywords such as sending STOP to a shortcode.

Personalized messaging

Tailor marketing SMS messages to individual customers by incorporating personalized information.

Simple setup

Customize your two-way SMS content and experience the convenience of automating your campaign.

Massive scalability

Do you have a vast customer up to millions? Rest assured, we dispatch your messages regardless of the volume.

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Why Choose Our Two-Way SMS Service

  • Non-expiry: Unused credits or messages won't expire
  • Free account self-registration and free online support/setup
  • Budget-friendly & super affordable pricing
  • High open rates and instant deliverability
  • Simple setup & customization
  • Personalized messaging
[ Use Cases ]

Start & Scale Customer Relationships


Voting and Polls

Engage your audience in interactive voting and polling campaigns to gather opinions.


Status Updates

Keep your customers informed updates on orders, transactions, appointments, or events.


Customer Support

Offer responsive customer support by allowing customers to reach to ask questions, or report issues.


Survey & Feedback

Gather valuable insights enabling you to make informed decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

[ Its Pricing ]

How Two-Way SMS Is Charged

Standard Rated short code

Using this concise code, sending an SMS is charged at the normal rate to send a message, while receiving messages is cost-free for both the sender and the recipient.

Toll Free short code

The end user can use this short code without any charges, while the code owner incurs all the costs associated with sending and receiving SMS messages through it.

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Two-Way SMS FAQs

Short codes, tailored for each network, act as unique access codes facilitating the exchange of messages (SMS and MMS) between consumers and businesses. These codes are typically shorter than regular mobile phone numbers and typically consist of three to eight digits, varying based on the country.

The primary distinction between these two sender types lies in their intended usage. Virtual long numbers were specifically created to facilitate person-to-person (P2P) messages with a moderate volume of messages. On the other hand, short codes were developed to handle application-to-person (A2P) bulk messaging with higher throughput. Short codes utilize a preapproved route, eliminating the need for filtering.

As the demand for messaging channels evolved over time, carriers intervened to gain better control over the traffic on their networks. Their goal was to enhance security and ensure better deliverability of messages.

In certain countries, it is obligatory to use a short code Sender ID to maintain the sender’s identity transparency for compliance purposes, and an initial opt-in message from the MNO (Mobile Network Operator) must be sent.

Likewise, in some countries, specific keywords like STOP, INFO, and HELP need to be supported to adhere to local regulations.

It is important to note that short codes will exclusively function on domestic phones within the country where the short code is registered, even when the user is roaming abroad.

We will set up for you a short code, accompanied by predefined keywords.

Tailor your keywords to establish triggers for organizing and sorting message replies based on your specific business requirements, adding a personal touch to your communication process.

You can choose to receive message responses to SMS or email or more still opt to intergrate to a CRM where you can reply to individual messages.

Tailor your communication to each individual customer, optimizing efficiency and resources. Implement automated responses for inbound campaigns, employing message triggers to send dynamic replies based on specific keywords, fostering direct and personalized interactions.

[ Voices of Satisfaction ]

2 - Way SMS Experiences

From small businesses to large enterprises, hear how our services have made a difference in their operations.

Retailglobe Brands

Text-to-win contests and promotions, allowing customers to participate and engage with their brand in an interactive way

Travela Safaris

Implemented our short code SMS service to provide real-time updates and itinerary changes to their tour participants.

Fuude Delight

Customers could text their orders or reservation requests to a designated short code, to dine-in or order takeout.

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