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Revolutionizing communications and customer interactions.

Unlock new levels of business growth and customer engagement with our cutting-edge (communications platform as a service) CPaaS solutions. Designed to revolutionize communication and elevate customer interactions, our comprehensive platform empowers you to enhance collaboration, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional experiences across all channels.

  • Personalised customer experiences
  • Connect with customers through all channels available
  • Capture your clientele's satisfaction through seamless communication

We Know Your Needs

Experience the power of unleashed communication, and forge stronger connections with customers through our all-inclusive suite of cutting-edge digital solutions.


Enhanced Business Messaging

Unlock the power of enhanced messaging for Your Business Success.


Customer Engagement

Fueling business growth through customer involvement and loyalty.


Amplified Digital Prescence

Strengthen your online visibility and expand your brand's reach with engaging campaigns.


Interactive Marketing Solutions

Create memorable brand experiences with Interactive Marketing Solutions.


We Provide Truly Prominent Technology Solutions

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Deliver targeted messages that capture attention and foster engagement.

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Strategically promote your brand to targeted audiences.

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Deploying computer applications to meet specific business needs.

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Secure solutions providing data backup & seamless collaborations

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Comprehensive and proactive support for your technology infrastructure

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Providing convenient shopping experiences, through digital platforms.

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How To Use Our
Cloud Solutions


Account Creation

Open an account in any of our portals depending with the service you are seeking.



Upload and segment your customer base. / Upload your media files based on your use case.



Personalise your communication and automate your marketing.



Become a marketing power house and communicate frequently.

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Our Clients Feedback

We've been in the forefront in giving our clients satisfactory solutions custom tailer made to their needs.



Infopromo Communications transformed my online retail business. Two-way messaging engaged customers, and personalized notifications boosted sales. Their bulk WhatsApp marketing service expanded our reach.

Michelle Middii
Creator - Vazi Fashions

Our interactions with Infopromo exceeded our nonprofit’s communication needs. Their omnichannel capabilities and automation features saved us time. Their cloud storage and managed IT services ensured security and scalability.

Delonis Ronoh
President - Delo Group

Infopromo Communications revolutionized my small business. Their Communication as a Platform service streamlined customer communication through SMS, voice calls, and social media. Their cloud storage and managed IT services ensured security and scalability.

Lennox Lewis
Proprietor - Topsend Logistics

Infopromo Communications connected us globally. Their multilingual support and scalable features made international communication effortless. Their voice services enhanced customer interactions.

Arnold Noshi
Founder - Noshi Ventures

Thanks to Infopromo Communications, my e-commerce business thrived. Their Communication as a Platform service improved customer satisfaction with automated notifications and real-time messaging. Their bulk WhatsApp marketing service expanded our reach.

Esther Orpha
Director - Leaon Limited
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