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Whether you're a small business, a nonprofit, or a large enterprise, our bulk email service can be a game-changer for your marketing, communication, and engagement efforts.

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Bulk Email Campaigns.

Are you ready to take your outreach efforts to new heights and connect with a broader audience like never before?


Bulk email marketing is a dynamic and cost-effective strategy that empowers businesses, organizations, and individuals to send a large volume of emails to multiple recipients at once. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting your journey, this powerful tool opens doors to endless opportunities for growth, engagement, and brand recognition

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Bulk Email Marketing Service Features

Branded forms

Craft mobile-friendly custom-branded forms for your site to gather email addresses effortlessly. 


Connect to sync data between the plartform and your systems ensuring smooth workflow via forms & API.

Email Verifier

Improve deliverability by eliminating invalid emails. Our verifier detects and removes inactive or duplicate emails.

AI Support

Get subject line suggestions, content development, email generation, deliverability report, subject line score etc.

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Bulk Email Dashboard Insights

Explore our dashboard, providing you with insights into campaign engagement, subscriber behavior, and conversion metrics among other tools.

Self-Account Management

Take control of your account settings, preferences, and billing information with our intuitive self-account management.

Visual Email Builder

Create stunning email campaigns without any coding skills using our drag-and-drop editor, offering easy customization options.

Audience Management Suite

Organize your contacts, segment your audience, and create customizable forms to capture valuable subscriber data.

Campaign Command Center

Streamline campaign creation, scheduling, and tracking with our efficient campaign manager, providing centralized control.

Template Library Showcase

Browse our extensive gallery of professionally designed base templates, featuring customizable layouts and styles.

Performance Insights Dashboard

Gain actionable insights into campaign performance, audience engagement, and conversion metrics with our analytics.

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Bulk Email Automation Trigger

A trigger is the action that starts an automation. For example, the system can trigger an automated email when someone subscribes to your audience or purchases a certain product. We offers a wide selection of preset automation types with built-in triggers, ranging from abandoned cart emails to a simple welcome message.


Welcome New Subscribers

Introduce yourself & your organisation to people when they sign up on your platforms.


Send 'Happy Birthday'

Celebrate with a message that sends based on the birthday fireld in your list.


Subscriber Added Date

Send an email based on when a subscriber joined your audience list.


Very Specific Preferrence Date

Send a one-time message based on an individual date field like an appointment.


Say Goodbyte To Subscriber

Send an email to say sorry when a subscriber unsubscribes from your list.


Weekly Recurring Sends

Schedule your campaign to automoatically send on a weekly basis.


Monthly Recurring Sends

Schedule your campaign to automoatically send on a monthly basis.


API 3.0

Trigger an email series with an API call from your application, if you've got a developer on hand.

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Get started with our Free Forever plan and experience the power of email marketing without breaking the bank. Sign up now and access essential features to kickstart your marketing efforts.


Email Campaigns

Send 1000 emails per month to 500 contacts to engage with your audience.



Access unlimited pre-designed email templates with drag & drop builder.


Full Analytics

Get metrics ie. open rates and click-through rates to measure your campaigns.


Sign-Up Forms

Customizable sign-up forms to capture leads and grow your email list organically.


Automated Flows

Automate repetitive tasks with 3 flows and nurture leads at every stage.


List Management

3 lists with 3 campaigns and 100 MB max storage size with 2 segments / list.

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Why Choose Our Bulk Email Marketing Service

  • Reach your entire audience with just one click
  • Outgoing emails appear without our branding
  • DKIM and SPF Authenticated
  • Send CAN-SPAM ACT compliant emails
  • Save time with automated responses and workflows
  • No charging 'premium' for 'advanced' analytics
  • Easy-to-use interface requires no technical expertise
  • Light-weight code for forms intergration into websites
  • Send: pictures, videos, audio, documents etc to mass
  • Guaranteed deliverability into inboxes and NOT spam boxes
  • Send using your domain or provisional (IP warmed) domain
  • Email campaign report through a link

FREE 24/7 Technical support. No payment for ‘premium’ ticketing

[ Use Cases ]

Start & Scale Customer Relationships


Promotional Campaigns

Send out bulk email campaigns to promote sales, discounts, or special offers to your subscriber list. Later track the performance with analytics.


Form Subscriptions

Customize forms to get information for personalized campaigns and personalized communication and build a robust email list.


Automation Workflows

From welcome sequences to post-purchase follow-ups, automate repetitive tasks and nurture leads at every stage of the customer journey.

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Bulk Email Marketing FAQs

Bulk/Promotional Email refers to sending a large number of emails to multiple recipients simultaneously. It is commonly used for marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes to communicate with a wide audience efficiently.

Bulk/Promotional Email works by utilizing email marketing platforms or software to send a single email to a large group of recipients at once. These platforms often offer features like contact list management, email templates, and tracking capabilities.

Bulk/Promotional Email offers various benefits, including reaching a broader audience, cost-effectiveness, time-saving, personalization options, and the ability to track email campaign performance.

Yes, our email marketing platforms allow personalization using variables like the recipient’s name or other relevant information. This enables you to create more engaging and targeted emails for your audience.

The number of recipients you can send emails to may vary depending on yourpurchased package.

To avoid spam filters, it’s essential to follow best practices like using a clear subject line, avoiding excessive use of capital letters and symbols, and having a proper opt-out/unsubscribe option.

Yes, our email marketing platforms offer detailed analytics and reporting, allowing you to track metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversions, providing valuable insights into campaign performance and there is NO “premium” reporting for higher subscription.

Yes, it is crucial to have permission before sending Bulk/Promotional Emails. Sending emails to recipients who haven’t given consent can lead to spam complaints and damage your sender reputation.

When using Bulk/Promotional Email, it’s essential to comply with relevant email marketing laws, such as the CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act) Act  or GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), to protect both your recipients’ privacy and your reputation.

To create successful campaigns, focus on clear and compelling content, engaging visuals, segmentation, personalization, testing, and optimizing based on analytics. Partnering with an experienced email marketing service provider can also enhance your campaign’s effectiveness.

Log on to our marketing portal, create an account, purchase a package of your choice, have your email contacts ready, upload and start emailing right away.  You dont need to have a domain name but having one is an added advantage as outgoing emails will have  “from email” bearing your domain name. Alternatively we have a provisional “from email” that you can use. Worry not!

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Outstanding Results from Bulk Email

Hear from businesses like yours who have experienced transformative results through our email marketing solutions.

Healness Centre

Automated appointment reminders, delivered personalized wellness tips, and share informative content.

Fashionward Boutique

Through automated workflows, they promoted new arrivals, triggered abandoned cart reminders, and mass emailing

Ipo Tech

Robust API enabled automating data synchronization and personalized email communications

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