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Automated notifications, like welcome emails, shipping updates, order confirmations, password reminders, and purchase receipts, fall under transactional emails. Witness your business flourish as Infopromo Communications delivers your email automations precisely when needed.

Beyond the Click: Emails with a Purpose

Transactional emails are automated emails that are sent to users or customers in response to specific actions they’ve taken on a website, application, or platform. These emails are typically triggered by user interactions and serve to provide important information, confirmations, or updates related to those interactions. Unlike promotional or marketing emails, which are intended to promote products or services, transactional emails are focused on delivering functional and relevant information to the recipient.

Service Overview


Infopromo system for automated emails manages all aspects involved in the transmission of transactional emails.

Multi-channel Integration

Transactional emails can be integrated with other communication channels, such as SMS notifications, mobile apps, and web notifications, providing a comprehensive user experience.


With confidence, we send out your automated email communications, ensuring their successful delivery to the intended recipients.

Analytical Insights

Track open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, geo-tracking and more to optimize your strategies and achieve measurable success.

Achieve inbox delivery using top-tier Email APIs.

Easily send, receive, and monitor emails using Infopromo – the email delivery platform designed for seamless performance and expandability.

Transactional Email service FAQs

A transactional email service is a platform that automates the sending of personalized emails triggered by user interactions, such as account sign-ups, purchases, and order confirmations. These emails are essential for providing timely information and updates to users whereas marketing emails are intended to promote products, services, or campaigns. Transactional emails are primarily functional, while marketing emails are persuasive in nature.

Examples of transactional emails include order confirmations, password resets, account notifications, shipping updates, appointment reminders, and subscription confirmations. Using a transactional email service ensures reliable delivery of critical emails, enhances user experience, builds trust, and automates essential communications, saving time and effort.

Yes, most transactional email services allow you to customize the content, layout, branding, and personalization aspects of the emails to match your brand identity and user preferences. Transactional email services often have advanced deliverability features, including authentication protocols (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), dedicated IP addresses, and monitoring to ensure emails reach recipients’ inboxes.

Yes, many transactional email services offer APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow seamless integration with your website, app, or platform, automating the sending of transactional emails based on user actions. Transactional email services typically offer insights into email open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and other engagement metrics. These analytics help you refine your email communication strategy.

While the primary purpose of transactional emails is functional communication, some services allow limited promotional content that complements the primary message. However, care must be taken to prioritize the functional aspect and yes, reputable transactional email services ensure compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR by offering features like opt-out mechanisms, data encryption, and secure storage.

Many services offer multi-channel integration, allowing you to combine transactional emails with SMS notifications, push notifications, and more, for a holistic user experience and our transactional email services are designed to handle high volumes of emails, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Costs typically depend on factors like the number of emails sent, features required, and the service provider’s pricing model (per email, tiered plans, or subscription) and we have several pricing packages, please check our pricing page.

Yes, we offer technical support to help you set up, troubleshoot, and optimize your transactional email communications however on special use cases where it involves custom integrations, a service charge is required as we involve various software engineers.

Proceecd to create an account at our email marketing plartform and proceed to deliver your transactional emails. Feel free to use our free accessible API in your apps intergrations for your email deliverability. Contact us for support.

Exceptional Service! Our client recently integrated your transactional email service, and the results have been outstanding. The seamless automation and prompt delivery of critical emails have significantly enhanced their user experience. Your platform's customization options and reliable deliverability truly set you apart. Looking forward to a continued partnership
Glo Ciru
Digital Manager, Compuera

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  • Not white labelled
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  • Drag & drop (WYSIWYG) feature
  • API documentation access
  • Pay less for more!
  • Guaranteed deliverability into inboxes and NOT spam boxes


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