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Maintain a pristine email list and safeguard your company's image. Infopromo's Email Verifier eliminates invalid email addresses from your roster, cutting down superfluous email expenses by up to 20%. We assure the successful delivery of your emails.

From Bounce to Brilliance: Elevate Your Reach with Clean Lists

Get rid of wrong email addresses from your list using our API or platform. This stops emails from bouncing. Keep your email list clean and save up to 20% on costs by checking email addresses with Infopromo.

Service Overview

Bounce prevention

Email addresses that cannot be delivered are immediately removed from future marketing campaigns.

List re-verification

Inactive email addresses are identified through re-verification of your email lists every 30 days.

99% deliverability

We assure the delivery of your emails following the utilization of our email list cleansing service.

Import data to CRM, Excel files or website

You can bring the customer data into your database system or any other application that you utilize.

Achieve inbox delivery using top-tier Email APIs.

Easily send, receive, and monitor emails using Infopromo – the email delivery platform designed for seamless performance and expandability.

Email verification service FAQs

An email verifier is a tool or service designed to validate the authenticity and accuracy of email addresses by checking their validity, deliverability, and quality and it uses various algorithms and techniques to perform domain and syntax checks, look for common typos or errors, and query email servers to determine if an email address is valid and capable of receiving messages.

Email verification ensures that the email addresses in your database are accurate and active and enhances your email marketing campaigns by reducing bounce rates, minimizing the chances of being marked as spam or your user account being blacklisted/ blocked, increasing open and click-through rates, and ultimately improving ROI.

Email verifiers can check various types of addresses, including business emails, personal emails, role-based emails, disposable emails, and more.

Yes, many advanced email verifiers can identify and flag spam traps, temporary/disposable emails, and inactive addresses, helping you maintain a clean and engaged subscriber list.

No, email verification should be an ongoing process, especially as your subscriber list grows and changes over time. While email verification improves your chances of reaching the inbox, it’s not a guarantee. Other factors like email content, sender reputation, and engagement rates also impact deliverability.

Our email verification is reputable services offering high accuracy rates by combining multiple verification methods with verification servers located in multiple locations across the globe.

The speed of verification depends on the service and the volume of emails to be verified. Our services offer real-time verification, while larger batches might take longer.

Our email verification services are included as a component in the promotional/ transactional email service so in your email list management, check out the email verifier tab in your account when you log in and verify your email list that you have to make sure the email addresses you have are actually deliverable when you send emails.

Revolutionized our Email Strategy! This verification service slashed bounce rates, boosted deliverability, and seamlessly integrated with our CRM. Accurate and speedy – a game changer for email marketing!
Fabian Gom
Digital Manager, Compuera

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Ideal for:

  • Bounce rate reduction
  • Ensuring list hygiene:
  • Spam complaint prevention
  • Effective email marketing
  • Improved sender reputation
  • Enhanced ROI

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The process ofeEmail validation provided consists of three clear stages:

1. Email syntax and formatting check

Our syntax and formatting service checks email addresses against established formatting standards and provider-specific requirements. This happens when you bulk verifier your contact list.

2. Domain confirmation

The following stage in the verification procedure involves confirming the domain. Infopromo performs an automatic check on the domain name part of the email address to ensure it’s legitimate and in use. Furthermore, it tests the Mail Exchange (MX) to ensure it can accept emails.

3. Mailbox validation

Finally, Infopromo also confirms the existence of the particular mailbox linked to the email address. This is done by using the SMTP protocol to connect with the mail server, ensuring the mailbox’s capability to accept messages, all without sending an actual email to the provided contact address.


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Rest assured, your emails always reach their destination.

Experience top-tier anti-spam security. Infopromo ensures 100% CAN-SPAM compliance, safeguarding you against spam campaigns by monitoring and alerting you about your email template’s spam rate.

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